Osseous Landscapes from Marina Rees on Vimeo.

Osseous Landscapes is a video comprised of shots from a long-finned pilot whale bones under a microscope. These images offer an alternative way to look at bones and experience their structures and textures. Each bone is different, their porous surfaces, even on a single vertebra, offers a miniature landscape - from smooth plateaus to deeply wrinkled crevasses.
The soundtrack of this film was created by recording sounds from the same bones with a contact microphone. Again the structures of the bones play a vital role as textured sound and resonance vary from part to part - further mapping the terrain to create complementary fields of sound.

The long-finned pilot whale was found dead in Northern Iceland and was defleshed during a residency at the Húsavík Whale Museum. 'Skin and Bones' is another piece which was created from that event.

This piece was a part of the solo show C-E-T-A-C-E-A, at the Húsavík Whale Museum, Iceland